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Membantu anda membina ordering page yang boleh dihantar melalui WhatsApp.

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Create Your Ordering Forms

Create your own beautiful WhatsApp ordering form with easy-to-use Orderla system. Share the link to get orders. It' 100% free to start and make your sales now.

create your order form

feature: whatsapp commerce

WhatsApp Commerce

Guide your customers by guiding them how to make online payment and give confirmation on the orders.

Orderla Plus

With Orderla Plus you can add more features like payment gateways, multiple WhatsApp numbers, colorful themes, Telegram Bot, Facebook Pixel and more.

feature: orderla plus

manage your orders

Manage Your Orders

Orderla.my also let you manage your orders via the admin panel and see your order's details and sales number.

Orderla Admin App

Orderla Admin App for iOS and Android, exclusive for Orderla Plus, let you receive notifications when new orders come in and when payment has been made. Also you can manage orders via this app.
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Orderla Admin App

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Empowering Merchants

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Basic Plus
Order Forms
Create quick ordering form that can be sent via WhatsApp.
Up to 3 Up to 10
WhatsApp Numbers
Delegat to salesteam by rotation and also able to assign to specific salesperson via special url.
1 1 + 50 (Sales Persons)
Products Per Form 100 1000
Form Theme Default Customizable
Orders Per Form
Service Charge Per Transaction
Orders Management
Set order fulfillment status, payment status, delivery status. This will be updated in customer's order page. Generate PDF receipt, thermal print format & packing slip.
Edit Customer's Info After Orders
Review Form
Rotational Whatsapp Delegation -
Payment Gateways Integration
Supports Billplz, ToyyibPay, SenangPay, Stripe & Bizappay as link from WhatsApp message and invoice. *Direct 'Pay Now' button available as an add-on feature.
Mobile App
Get notification instantly via your mobile app & also manage your order on-the-go.
Appointment / Booking System
Customer can choose date & time based on your availability. Merchant can see orders in monthly calendar view, also available on mobile app.
Telegram Bot
Auto message to your specified Telegram group.
Edit Order Items -
Product's Variations
Easily add on variations to your product with image.
Manage Inventory
Automatic deduction with payment gatway & view inventory history.
Connect with service like Integromat or Zapier to do automation.
Integration with SendParcel
Send parcel with Pos Laju.
Detailed Sales Stats -
Download Data to Excel / PDF
Download orders record based on order date & delivery date. Even can download the number of products ordered.
Set Minimum Amount Order -
Customizable Homepage Theme -
Customers List
Follow up with your customers, event with our mobile app.
Shorlinks odr.la
Make your link easier to share.
Make Coupon
Give discount to your customer in percentage or fixed value.
Integrate with Facebook Pixel & Google Analytics -
Set Password to Access Form
Protect your pricing list being viewed by non-agent.
Sales Team Login
Salesteam can login to Orderla system to manage orders only.
Set Form URL to Specific Salesperson -
Pricing FREE Forever RM30 / month

Some FAQ

  • It's a platform to make a form, which can be share to your customer who can order to you via WhatsApp messages.

    Orderla.my does not provide service to blast messages to WhatsApp. We only use official API to open and prefill text on WhatsApp. Only with your customer's concent they can send the WhatsApp message.
  • Currently, we are only support for usage in Malaysia, as we only cater for Ringgit Malaysia and Malaysian phone number.
  • It's free to get started with basic plan. It's free forever and we don't serve ads or sells your data. Many of our merchants enjoys the basic tiers but upgrading Plus plan gives merchants more useful features that can increase their sales.

    For Orderla Plus it costs RM30 per month. Or yearly it costs RM350.
  • No. We don't take any percentage when you make your sales.

    Orderla charges for Plus subscription which give more features to merchants to manage orders and increase sales. We also offer add-on feature like 'Direct Payment' button which requires you to use our Orderla Admin mobile app.
  • Orderla Plus can be subscribe through Stripe in term of monthly or yearly. For monthly term you will be charged reccuringly each month, and you may also cancel the subsscription any time. Your Plus plan will valid until the end of subscription period.

    Click here to learn more.
  • Upon registration, we will send an email on the overview of the platform.

    You also can join Telegram Group and Facebook group to ask questions. Also you can ask directly via WhatsApp.
  • Orderla Directory is opt-in for merchant who want to list their forms on the page.

    What you can do is at Form Edit / Options, click opt-in for Orderla Directory and fill in the information required. We will approve the form as soon as possible to be included in the Directory Page.

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