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Membantu anda membina ordering page yang boleh dihantar melalui WhatsApp.

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Create Your Ordering Forms

Create your own beautiful WhatsApp ordering form with easy-to-use Orderla system. Share the link to get orders. It' 100% free to start and make sales.

create your order form

feature: whatsapp commerce

WhatsApp Commerce

Gain trust with your customer by guiding them how to make online payment and give a feedback on the orders.

Orderla Plus

With Orderla Plus you can add more features like payment gateways, multiple WhatsApp numbers, colorful themes, Telegram Bot, Facebook Pixel and more.

feature: orderla plus

manage your orders

Manage Your Orders

Orderla.my also let you manage your orders via the admin panel and see your order's details and sales number.

Orderla Admin App

Orderla Admin App for iOS and Android, exclusive for Orderla Plus, let you receive notifications when new orders come in and when payment has been made. Also you can manage orders via this app.
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Orderla Admin App

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Basic Plus
Order Forms Up to 3 Up to 10
WhatsApp Numbers 1 1 + 6 (Sales Persons)
Rotational Whatsapp Delegation No Yes
Products Per Form 100 1000
Form Theme Default Customizable
Orders Per Form Unlimited Unlimited
Service Charge Per Transaction No No
Manage Orders Yes Yes
Edit Customer's Info After Orders Yes Yes
Set Minimum Order - Yes
Edit Order Items - Yes
Manage Inventory - Yes
Webhook - Yes
Integration with SendParcel - Yes
Detailed Sales Stats - Yes
Export Data to CSV / Excel - Yes
Appointment / Booking System
View Order in Calendar View
- Yes
Telegram Bot
Auto message to your specified Telegram group
- Yes
Payment Gateway
Billplz, ToyyibPay, SenangPay, Stripe & Bizappay
- Yes
Mobile App
For notification & management
- Yes
Pricing FREE RM30/month